Yes! Anyone can do it!

Anyone from the age of around 5 years old can swing on the trapeze. And you don’t even need acrobatic training to jump through space to catch the second trapeze!

You can either just swing for fun or ask the attendant to teach you how to do proper trapeze manoeuvres just like the professionals. If you have the stamina and the ability - we can teach you your first trick in the very first hour!

The trick shown here is the easiest of the tricks to learn but many people have learnt to do a somersault to the second trapeze within one day!

Remember - the patented air-bag system will save you even if you fall on your head!

But this in no way detracts from the excitement. People say that to swing on our high trapeze is as exciting as a bungy jump. And the attempt to let go of the first trapeze to catch the second trapeze - well, that's just plain off the scale!

We also run full-on flying Trapeze lessons from time to time – contact us for details.

Is it safe? Of course it is! Read the section on our unique air bag system.