The first thing we do when people arrive in the park is to show them how to participate safely. This applies particularly to schools and groups. We also have signs at every activity that spells out exactly what to do to participate in the safest possible manner.

Our air bags have won international acclaim for design. Every year there are competitions in New Zealand and internationally and the air bags for both the Trap-Eze rig and the X-treme Slide have won first prize at the competition held by the OUTDOOR FABRIC PRODUCERS ASSOC. OF NEW ZEALAND.

Even better though, both those air bags have won the "Award of Excellence" at the INDUSTRIAL FABRIC ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONAL. For nearly 60 years, the International Achievement Awards have recognised design and technological innovation and excellence in the specialty fabrics industry throughout the world. The air bags were competing against 348 entries from companies in 13 countries. Entries in 27 categories were judged by a diverse panel of industry experts, editors, architects, educators and design professionals who were selected for their knowledge of the particular category of competition. Judging was based on complexity, design, workmanship, uniqueness and function.