mini golf

The most challenging golf course in the world! Seriously - many mini golf enthusiasts from around the world have told us this.

18 holes of spittin', cussin', club-throwing, kick-the-dog, FRUSTRATINGLY difficult golf holes that makes you either never want to see the place again or make you come back again and again to master it.

The course snakes up a steep hill through a manuka forest which is a perfectly tranquil contrast to the excitement of the golf at hand. By the time you get to the 18th hole you’ve climbed 25 metres! But of course you don’t feel it because it takes a long time to get up there...

The level of difficulty of this course means that each putt must be taken as seriously as if one were playing an actual golf game. This makes it perfect for group bookings because it's a lot of fun for players to watch a friend get a score of 13 on a par 2. But it is obviously hugely competitive at the same time.

The Putting greens have no walls - you putt like a professional on a golf course!
The only Mini Putt course in the world with a par 7!
In one year of operation no-one has even come close to par on the course. How close can you get?
Most parties of 4 players take 45 - 60 minutes to finish the game!
But it's not all serious golf - take fun photos of fun stuff all the way around the course!