jousting bridge

This is the most popular activity in the park. It starts off in the early part of the day with just people who know one another having a  polite joust but by the end of the day there is a line of people with anyone  trying to beat the bejesus out of anyone willing to step up!

... And naturally...a World First! Not the fighting-on-the pole part of course - that's been done before. Just the part that when you're on the pole fighting, your head is nearly 6m off the ground and when you get knocked off you fall a long way! It's scary!

Two people approach one another from either end of the bridge with weapons in hand. Then; well you know what happens, you bash the c#@p out of one another until one of you topples onto the airbag below

Is it safe? Of course it is! Read the Safety section on our unique air bag system.