high wire

Just like in the circus!

If you’ve ever watched those daredevils walk the high wire at the circus and wondered what it must feel like - this is your chance! Our wire is 4 metres off the ground (so your head is nearly 6m up!) which is a bit daunting for some and a fun challenge for all.

The most amazing thing is that the adults chicken out of this one more than the six year olds!

Is it easy? No. Most people fall off in the first three steps but that’s because they’re so nervous and thinking about the falling part that they forget to concentrate on the balancing part.

But for those that persevere and practice throughout the day - success comes relatively quickly and many people manage to make it across. We even have regulars that come to the park who can do pirouettes (fancy word for spinning) on the wire just like the professionals!

Is it safe? Of course it is! Read the section on our unique air bag system.