Families and Groups too

To qualify for a group discount you must be 20 people or more. Discounts vary depending on many circumstances - please email your request to info@actionworld.co.nz or call Carol on 021 890 566. 

A large number of groups visit our park every year and we do our very best to make them feel at home. If you call beforehand we will reserve a table or tables for you under the tent right next to the BBQ area. Remember, you can bring as much food and drink into the park as you want.  We can arrange competitions between different teams in the group and we can arrange for an intensive training session on the flying trapeze where it is easily possible for a talented group of individuals to learn the same tricks on the trapeze as you see in a circus. And there are lots of possibilities besides...

If you want to use the park as a private function - just contact us. It is obviously cheaper outside of school holidays and prices vary depending on what exactly you want to do in the park.  Private functions may include alcohol.

Whatever it is you want - we promise you it will be a lot of fun!